About Jackson House

In May, 1978, due to the closing of the only local ministry program (which operated for 9 years) a need for a replacement was necessary. The Doherty House (listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings) was offered for sale and was initially purchased by Rev. Harry Woodall to start an inclusive program based on the closing facility to provide a crisis intervention service. A board of directors was formed partially from the Contact Teleministries and other local leaders with Rev. Woodall as the first director of the center. Programs are set up to interview each person in crisis, files are kept, and decisions are made based on needs and resources. Supportive counseling is offered to seek out and reduce factors contributing to the crisis. This is all provided with volunteers and donors.


Our Name

Eleanor Klugh Jackson was a local volunteer of the Contact Teleministry whose memory was honored after her death and prior to the beginning of the ministry. She would have been proud to be a part of the center to assist the needy in crisis. Her legacy continues with family members continued participation in the program.


Jackson House was recognized by the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce as the 2010 Organization of the Year.  (Photo by Lu Otto)